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Looking along the road with Nutclough Mill water tower in the centre and on the right part of Hangingroyd Mill, the home of Hoyles, now long demolished. The car in the centre has a 1978/9 registration.
Looking up Hebden Water to Nutclough Mill top right. Keighley Road is supported above the river by a huge retaining wall at this point. When constructed as the Lees & Hebden Bridge Turnpike in about 1815 it was built on a shelf cut out of the cliff.
Looking across from the Buttress to Nutclough Mill and chimney.
Hebden Water below the huge retaining wall supporting Keighley Road. When the turnpike was built c.1815 a shelf was cut out of the cliff to accommodate it.
Undated postcard. Hangingroyd housing can be seen bottom left with Old Town top left. Old Birchcliffe Chapel is towards the top right with the new 1898 Chapel below it. Demolition appears to be taking place at the old Birchcliffe Chapel, the stone…
The old Birchcliffe Chapel can be seen with the graveyard visible before it was colonised by trees. Being built is the new Birchcliffe Chapel which was completed in 1898. Chapel Avenue is just a building site!

Nutclough Mill is in the centre of…
The buildings in the foreground are Regent Street / Sackville Street / Cleveland Place / Oak Street as they were initially developed. The deeds to 2 Regent Street and 6 Sackville Street indicate the properties were built in the1890's. The houses 2…
Nutclough Mill is in the centre of the picture, above its chimney is Sandy Gate, with the fields of Old town behind. Birchcliffe Chapel centre right. Source: Barbara Shepherd. Ref: At568BAS.
Pencil note on back of print says 16.3.25 . Also "In 1952 1/2 ??"
View over Hebden Bridge, with High Hurst on the horizon and showing the old Birchcliffe Chapel with its graveyard and the new one, now the Birchcliffe Centre, under construction. The houses of Eiffel Street are also under construction.

Note the…
Nutclough houses Nos. 1-9 from Keighley Road 1978
The new and old Birchcliffe chapels can be seen. Towards the bottom left is Nutclough Mill.
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