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The men from Walker Lane Methodist Sunday School who gave their lives in WWI are remembered at Wainsgate.
The Walker Lane Methodist Chapel War Memorial was moved to Wainsgate Chapel in August 2014. The poster with the photographs of the soldiers was placed beside the memorial in July 2019.
Wainsgate Baptist Chapel (closed - 2001) stands in Wainsgate Lane, off Akroyd Lane, between Pecket Well and Old Town (Chiserley).

The church was started in 1750, the present church was build in 1859/60. At the back of the church was the Manse, but…
Harry died 27.5.1956, aged 53. He was a teacher and Superintendent at Wainsgate Baptist Sunday School. This portait is hanging in the ground floor lobby at Wainsgate.
HLS05118. John Fawcett from Bradford became minister to the Particular Baptists at Wainsgate in 1764. Whislt still minister there he moved to Brearley Hall and opened a college there for young men. Then in 1777 he opened Ebenezer Chapel down in…
Wainsgate Chapel is at Old Town, near Hebden Bridge.

Back row, L to R: Pauline Lumb; Sylvia Butler; Judith Crossley, (her mother was possibly the Choir mistress at Wainsgate); Mabel Pollard; Cathleen Lumb; Bernard Mortimer (nephew of Harry…
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