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Viewed from the top of Hangingroyd Lane with Moss Lane running across in front of the mill gates. Shepherd's wagons parked up on part on the site of a demolished building and part the mill yard. The view today is of houses on Waterside Fold.
The farmhouse was originally on the other side of the road, but it was in the way of the railway so it was demolished and this 'compensation' house was built. Above one of the windows is the word 'Dairy'. Latterly the house was used by the Manager of…
LYRS60 The site is now mixed use but the stone gate pillars remain but not in their original position and a distance apart. Note the Victorian postbox in the wall.
The larger building in this view is an original water-powered mill, which was never converted to steam power.
Slide 2 - The principle entrance to the park is on the highway from Hipperholme to Halifax, at Godley Cutting. The Entrance Lodge is an imposing building, but rather heavy in appearance. Above the pointed archway is a shield, bearing the Lister arms.
Slide 9 - The splendid 18th century ironwork of the entrance gates to the gardens are good specimens of the period both in design and craftsmanship.
Slide 17 - On approaching the Hall from the Village of Clifton, the visitor enters the grounds by a carriage drive leading through a fine avenue of trees until the entrance is reached. In the gates of the latter may be noticed some excellent…
Slide 1 - Kildwick Hall is one of our well preserved 'Ancient Homes' and stands on the sunny slope of a hill. Immediately below the house is Kildwick church or 'Lang Church in Craven', as it is commonly called.

The outlook from the front embraces…
Slide 2 - Leaving this charming old homestead, we are soon brought to the quiet village of Holme. This peaceful and unpretentious old-world hamlet occupies a secluded position almost in the centre of Cliviger, and in the latter part of the twelfth…
Slide 5: At the end of the avenue are the entrance gates facing the carriage drive leading to the Hall. It consists of a centre carriage way with an arched gateway on each side.
Slide 1 - The village of Gilling, nestling by a brook's side at the foot of woody slopes, is very picturesque. Immediately opposite the Church is the Entrance lodge and gates of Gilling Castle.

Entering through these we pass along a carriage drive…
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