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November 1998. Re-roofing the Methodist Church on Scout Road.
Rev. Thomas Holiday was a Pioneer Missionary to the Halifax and Elland area. Starting in early 1800s he soon had a considerable following. Initially services were held in people’s homes but it was decided that a proper church building was…
Young men's class at Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Sunday School. Presentation in 1916 to Messrs J and J Walton, teachers for many years
Officers and teachers who made a record attendance of 100% during the year 1921.
Class leaders, Trustees, and Chapel Committee. Back row: Jas Boocock, W. Johnson, J.A. Walton, D. Crossland. Middle row: F. Stansfield, F. Robertshaw, A. Johnson, Sam Morgan, W. Oldfield, W. Brearley. Front row: T. Naylor, Sth Johnson, Jos Siddal, T.…
Teachers and Officers, Centenary, 1923. Back row: Messrs J. Walton, A.J. Robertshaw, F. Stansfield, A. Johnson, W. Oldfield, T. Morgan. Second row: Mr D. Crossland, Misses E.E. Robertshaw, M. Naylor, D. Riley, B. Riley,A. Morgan, E. Riley, F. Naylor,…
Memorial to cricket club members who died in WW1
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