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Across the river the rear of Bridge Mill and outside seating at Innovation Cafe.
Postcard date stamped August 1908. Upstream from Gibson Mill with the people standing on the riverside path. The small weir was to control the flow above the weir for Gibson Mill.
Postcard with a 1993 postmark but the photo is pre-1904. The weir is upstream from Gibson Mill and it created a popular bathing pool just below. On the right is the mill pond which is fed by the weir.
Postcard date stamped September 1910. First in a series published by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway using this photo promoting cheap fares to Hebden Bridge for trips to its surrounding beauty spots. The promotional message on the reverse…
Postcard with May 1915 postmark. It was one of a series of cards published by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway promoting days out to the Beauty Spots of Hebden Bridge by cheap trains. The promotional message printed on the reverse reads:…
Postcard with July 1907 postmark. The weir feeding the mill pond at Gibson Mill and above it Greenwood's 'The Chalet' tearooms, one of several refreshment facilities on both sides of the valley providing for the thousands of visitors to the Crags.
Postcard with November 1906 postmark. The weir upstream from Gibson Mill and the pool it created was a favourite bathing spot below Greenwood’s ‘The Chalet’ tearoom, which is just visible through the trees.
Postcard stamped November 1907. On the right is the lodge at the entrace to Hardcastle Crags. On the left above the houses is New Bridge Mill, originally a water powered cotton mill but in the 1890s part converted into Lello's Tearooms to cater for…
The building on the left has now been demolished.
Originally a water powered cotton mill, by the time this photo was taken it was used by Frank Leelo as Tea Rooms to cater for the vast number of visitors to Hardcastle Crags. The Lodge at the gates into the Crags is on the right hand side.
Weir at Sterne Mill, Copley
The Civic Trust's annual clean-up of Hebden Water in the town centre seen here by the weir adjacent to Bridge Mill. Philip Round in the centre.
Can you identify? Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
The bridge carrying Station Road over the River Calder. Above the bridge is part of the former gas holder on Station Road. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
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