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The scenes here represent on the left, the Lancashire cotton spinning industry, and on the right the engineering and agriculture of Yorkshire.
Wainhouse Tower and Todmorden Town Hall, Postcard dated 1984 - JNB00513
The bus registered WT1843 , fleet number 20 is waiting for departure to Bacup from here outside the Church Street Bus & Parcels Office. It was a Leyland SGH2, being delivered in 1924 along with number 21. First recorded as having a Hickman body but…
Bus number 23, registration number WT4437, seen here at the Town Hall terminus is of May 1924 vintage. It is a Leyland SG2 model, chassis number 18198 carrying a Leyland body. It was an open top and was variously quoted as being either a 48 or 52…
The town centre road junctions with the magnificent Town Hall on the right.
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