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Lower left Foster Mill with Hangingroyd Mill, Hebden Works and Nutclough Mill and Hebden Water in the centre. Top left the old Bircliffe Chapel with Birchcliffe Road/Wadsworth Lane climbing the hillside.
Date unknown but between construction of Riverside School in 1908/9 and the Picture House in 1921. The dark wooden building on the other side of the road to Hope Chapel was the Black & White Cafe.
pencil notes on back "RGS in 2/1952 BS of plates Marked on base"
Foster Mill far left, Hangingroyd Mill in the centre and above that Nutclough Mill. Birchcliffe Road climbing up the undeveloped hillside with the first Birchcliffe Chapel and grave yard to its left.
In the centre the almost complete 'new' and much larger Birchcliffe Baptist Chapel with Edward Street below in course of construction The large retaining walls supporting Keighley Road and Birchcliffe Road now in place.
ALC00400. c.1890. In the foreground the Hangingroyd area and behind the steep cliff through which Keighley Road has been cut but not yet supported by the large retaining walls. To the left Hangingroyd Mill; in the centre Nutclough Mill and above it…
c.1888. In the centre is Nutclough Mill before the extension to the left, and above 'old' Birchcliffe Chapel. Housing starting to be developed on the hillside; top right Cliffe Royd on Wadsworth Lane and right behind the north side of Blenheim…
ALC00398. c. 1880. Looking across to Birchcliffe with Foster Mill and Foster Lane on the left. On the left hillside is the 'old' Birchcliffe Chapel and graveyard on Sandy Gate. Wadsworth Lane climbs the hill and to its right are the houses on Cliff…
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