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Drawing of Hough Stone Cottage by unknown artist.
Drawing by Dennis O'Neill of Bus No 2, which was first registered in 1913.

Despite this drawing being labelled 1910 the bus was not actually registered until 1913.
1898 Todmorden Christmas Card
An illustration by Dennis O'Neill of the Todmorden Corporation Omnibus fleet livery, with the Town's Crest added on each side panel.
This bus carries the registration number of fleet number 2, C-1503 which has had its upper deck removed following an accident at Lobbmill. Early buses such as this one, which is an illustration by Dennis O'Neil, occasionally had either their body or…
A superb drawing by Denis O'Neill of Bus No 1, which would have been the bus to do the inaugural run, but icy weather caused a problem, resulting in No 2 having that honour. From Milltown Memories magazine Issue 1. Todmorden folk have always prided…
Drawing of Buttress Brink by W. Shepherd
Todmorden Industrial and Co-operative Society, list of Directors of the Board - 1896
The town is looking very elegant. St Mary's church is left of centre, with Cross Stone church on the skyline.
An illustration of the Lord Bros site, showing Stackhills Road and Baltimore in the foreground.
Undated postcard but the sender writes that "there was a railway accident here last Friday" which would have been the Charlestown Curve disaster of 21st June 1912. Another card with the same image is postmarked 17 July 1912.
Slide 3 - In 1706 John Dearden, grandson of the John who is supposed to have built the house, having by marriage come into the Hollins Estate, sold Wood Lane, to Jeremy Crossley of Lighthazles for £1100, described as a 'white Kerseyman.'The view of…
HLS05125. Series of prints containing caricatures of teeth removal.
HLS05124. Series of prints containing caricatures of teeth removal.
HLS05123. Series of prints containing caricatures of teeth removal.
Series of prints containing caricatures of teeth removal.
PH/25. The sketch and description are from The Calderdale Sketch Book by J. L. Berbiers, published in 1973 by The Halifax Courier Ltd. Strange how quickly attitudes change
1969 calendar. One of Halifax's steepest gradients looking down towards New Bank and North Bridge . With a slope of over 1 in 5 it was once part of the main road from Halifax to Bradford over Swales Moor. PH15.
1969 calendar. The name is said to be unique - an area of Halifax which has undergone marked change in every generation of the past century. \it is the original location of the warehouses and shops of the wool staplers or wool drivers. PH15.
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