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The Stansfield or Todmorden Curve going off centre left after the signal box at the end of the viaduct, with the coal drops in front of the box. The curve provided a connection from Todmorden Station onto the 'Copy Pit' line to Burnley and the North…
LYRS 8705 - Late 1960s. General view across the viaduct looking north east towards the junction with the Stansfield Curve beyond the signal box.
LYRS2797a. Looking east over the station and the town. The goods yard is now the station car park and most of the station buildings have now gone. The Stansfield or Todmorden Curve can just be seen on the far left going off beyond the signal box.
LYRS 8707 - The Box at the Junction of the Stansfield or Todmorden Curve on the Todmorden - Burnley line with the spur up from Hall Royd Junction on the Leeds - Manchester line.

Passenger traffic over the Stansfield Curve ceased in 1965 and the…
LYRS6018. A confusing photo! The tracks in the centre curving off to the right form the Stansfield or Todmorden Curve heading to Stansfield Hall Junction on the 'Copy Pit' line to Burnley. The line in the foreground is the spur from Hall Royd…
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