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Shop on the corner of St George's Square and Crown Street.

Originally built by Hebden Bridge Co-operative Society with the water tank above to also serve the main retail and social facilities on the other side of Crown Street. The water tank has…
In the centre Lees Yard Car Park originally the site of the White Horse Hotel, demolished 1962. More or less in the centre the Town Hall with Bridge Mill and chimney to its right and to the left of the Town Hall the Hole-in-the-Wall and above that…
Postcard with July 1978 postmark. Bridge Mill is on the right; over the bridge can be seen the Council Offices, with Cross Lanes Chapel behind it on the hill.
Taken from the end of Crown Street, on the other side of the Square The Shoulder of Mutton is on the left and Bridge Mill the right.
Looking down from Birchcliffe Road. Crown Street going off centre left with a gap between buildings where there has been demolition.
Looking across the square to the Shoulder of Mutton, with the Council Offices behind. Note the shop on the left, Innovation, which opened here on 7th Nov 1969 and then moved to Bridge Mill in June 1976.
The Co-op building is on the left and to the right you can just see the White Horse Hotel, now the site of Lees Yard Car Park.
St Georges Square, left, and Bridge Gate right. The shop was Elton Jowett's tobacconist shop, his house was next door, and the shop on the corner behind the van was the Economic Stores. The wooden hut on Bridge Gate was Ma Jones'.
St Georges Square looking across to the Shoulder of Mutton and behind can be seen partially demolished buildings on Buttress Brink.. The car in the foreground has a 1968/9 'G' registration number. Note the water tank on the top of the building on the…
From the Square looking up to Keighley Road; on the left Bridge Mill, used by Chorlton Bros., Wholesale Clothiers, and beyond that the White Lion and opposite it the junction of Bridge Gate with Commercial Street before it was re-aligned 1964/65 to…
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