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The church closed in 1991 and this is an artist's impression of the conversion to apartments.
The Catholic movement in Hebden Bridge appears to have taken shape during the missionary activities of Father Joseph Geary, who settled at St. Mary’s, Halifax in 1870. The few who were gathered together in Hebden Bridge began meetings in a room at…
ALC00408. Centre foreground the Catholic Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, opened 1896 and next to it Pallis or by then Palace House. Above the Church is a tram on New Road. The Halifax Corporation trams reached Hebden Bridge in 1901.
LYRS 1442 - Hughes 0-8-0 Number 1357 heading a goods train between Luddendenfoot and Sowerby Tunnel. To the right of the funnel, St Walburga's Catholic Church on Burnley Road is just visible.
Taken at St Thomas's Catholic church, Fairfield. On the right, seated, is Mrs Wilkinson. The bridesmaid on the right is Sheila Wilkinson, next to her the bride's father is Mr Wilkinson; the bride may be Monica, and the bridesmaid on the left might be…
The low white building in the foreground is Palace House, after which the road is named. The large building in the foreground on the left is the Roman Catholic Church which was built 1896 and closed in 1991.
The bird bath and seat in the Memorial Gardens, Hebden Bridge with the houses of Fairfield and the Catholic Church in the background.
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