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Todmorden postcards. AN 69927720
A west bound goods train approaching Walsden Station. The station opened in 1845 and closed in 1961.
A new station with ‘bus stop’ style shelters was opened in 1990 but slightly to the east of the footbridge seen here to the right.
A diesel hauled goods train heading west.
The railway track has been straightened, but the line of the infamous Charlestown curve can clearly be seen. Oakville Road is on the right.
LYRS 4578 - 1951. General view of the platforms, buildings and canopy looking east. Only the canopy and adjacent building now survive but disused and passenger facilities are bus-stop style shelters on each platform. The station was de-staffed in…
LYRS 1442 - Hughes 0-8-0 Number 1357 heading a goods train between Luddendenfoot and Sowerby Tunnel. To the right of the funnel, St Walburga's Catholic Church on Burnley Road is just visible.
LYRS 3561 - Copley Viaduct climbing up to Copley Station and Halifax with bridge over the River Calder on the Calder Valley Main Line in LMS period with a goods or coal train heading west towards Milner Royd Junction.
LYRS 2777n -1937. Sowerby Bridge - general view of track formation, loco depot, Goods Yard and West Signal Box taken from the top of Sowerby Tunnel.

Sowerby Bridge was the main operating centre for the Upper Calder Valley with a large engine and…
Goods train hauled tender first over the water troughs between Luddendenfoot and Sowerby Tunnel.
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