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Undated postcard. Towards top left is Cross Lanes Chapel which was destroyed by fire in the mid-1960s having closed for worship in 1958.
The houses bottom right at Calder Bank now demolished and the field above them now the site of Riverside School which opened 1909. To its left across the river is Central Street School.
This photograph was taken in the closing years of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th. The Rochdale Canal running from the bottom to the top right makes a useful guide to the town as it was then. The road over the narrow bridge at the…
The playground in the foreground is for Riverside School on Holme Street, and immediately beyond that is the junction between the River Calder and Hebden Water, and beyond that is Central Street School.
The Time They Won the Shield, but can anyone say when and what for?

From Mr Joe Thomas per Mrs Mary Crabtree. L to R. Back Row - Edith Warmsley, Martha Lord, Nora Crowther, Doris Bankcroft, ?, Nellie Moss, Gladys Wild, Winnie Hamer, Ive Coals,…
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